Is it ‘Déjà Vu?’ Another Long-Term Litchfield Department Head Has Resigned

June 14, 2019


by Len Lathrop

Wow, Litchfield, “What’s Up” is the question not the Litchfield Facebook page, but in the March 31 edition of your HLN, John “Jack” Pinciaro had to let the people of Litchfield know that he was leaving as the town road agent, a job he held for the past 11 years.  The letter is reprinted here for those who missed that issue.


Road Agent Says Goodbye


I would like to take a moment to thank the residents of Litchfield for allowing me to serve you as the Road Agent for the past 11 years. It is with great sadness that I have to say goodbye before the end of my term (March 2020.)  I was faced with an ultimatum so I decided it was time to retire rather than being terminated.  I have made the decision to walk away with my head high.  I have served in many positions over the past 33 years and have always felt great pride in what I have accomplished for the Town of Litchfield. 


John E. Pinciaro, Road Agent, Litchfield


About a year ago Kevin Lynch had resigned as the town’s building inspector, health inspector, and code officer.  As they did a year ago residents showed up at Monday night’s Selectmen’s meeting armed with questions and looking for answers.

The story unfolds with former Selectman John Brunnell reading the paper online and calling current Selectmen and Town Administrator Troy Brown Thursday night. While the selectmen stated a few times that no meeting was held, Brown met with Pinciaro Friday morning at the town barn/highway garage, where Brown reported Pinciaro threw his resignation at him; Brown then reports he placed Pinciaro on paid administrative leave and offered him a ride home, which, for the record, did not happen.

At Monday night’s meeting, citizens asked many question about this resignation, many relating this action to the leaving of Kevin Lynch last summer; ironically Kevin is now an elected selectman.  The wheels continue to turn, but as it was a personnel matter nothing could be revealed.

Selectman Chairman Steve Webber allowed everyone to ask questions and make comments but both he, Brown, Selectman Lynch, and Selectman Leary held a strong position that this was a personnel matter and they could not speak on the matter.  One question that kept coming up was the issue whether Pinciaro had been given an ultimatum about his job.  The answer from Chairman Webber was not that I know of.

Tuesday the HLNreceived a memorandum type of notice on Town of Litchfield letterhead, which gave Pinciaro until June 30, 2019, to re-obtain his CDL or be terminated.  It is printed for your review.  Wednesday morning when the paper asked for a job description for the road agent, Brown sent one which bears an approval date of Oct. 27, 2014, and listed under the section Minimum Qualifications: last requirement is “Possession of, or ability to readily obtain, a valid NH CDL with endorsements for equipment used by the town.

This information was not part of Monday night’s questioning and if it had been, selectmen would not have discussed it, again, personnel matter.  But here it is, and doesn’t it raise many more questions such as: if the job description called for a CDL back in 2014 why has it just become an issue in 2018-2019?

With the amount of support seen on Monday night, the question might well be will there be a selectman named Pinciaro next March?