If your street is on this list, be sure to read the following notice

Potential Mandatory Water Ban

August 26, 2016



Dear Valued Water Customer:


The Town of Hudson Water Utility is experiencing record water usage due to the extreme drought conditions in Southern New Hampshire this summer.  Customers serviced by the Windham Road Booster Station are reporting low or no water pressure, especially during the morning hours due to the heavy demands on the station.  The Town is currently working to increase the pump capacity and reliability of the Windham Road Booster Station that services your property and expects to have this work completed by the end of the year.  The Board of Selectmen are asking all water utility customers serviced by the Windham Road Booster Station to voluntarily cease all outdoor water use until September 30, 2016 in order to ensure that all customers in this service area have sufficient pressure for their inside needs.  If you are receiving this letter, your property is serviced by the Windham Road Booster Station.  The Selectmen are asking for your voluntary compliance in ceasing all outdoor water use, especially the use of sprinklers to water lawns.  Should this step fail to alleviate the pressure problems in this service area, it may be necessary to enforce a mandatory outdoor water usage ban.  It is the Board of Selectmen’s goal to ensure that all water utility customers in this service area have enough water pressure for their daily needs.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact the Hudson Water Utility at (603) 886-6002.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Hudson Board of Selectmen


List of Roads Serviced by the Windham Road Booster Station:

Oliver Drive

Rangers Drive

Roy Drive

Lois Drive

Barretts Hill Road

Mallard Drive

Windham Road

Central Street

Highland Woods (Fox Run/Elk Run/Pheasant Run)

Hudson Park Drive

Wall Street

Constitution Drive

Capricorn Drive

Clement Road

Industrial Drive

Park Avenue

Commercial Avenue

Bradford Circle

Sheffield Street

Sullivan Road

Paget Drive

Lund Drive

Hedgerow Drive

Kimball Hill Road

Shepherd’s Hill Townhouses

Bush Hill Road

Thurstons Drive

Jump Lane

Bear Path Lane

Flying Rock Road