Hudson’s Tax Calculations

January 24, 2014
by Len Lathrop

People, with the complete understanding of the budget process and the monetary requests that the school district and the town have provided, wish to supply the following information for our readers to help them understand what their tax bill will look like.  Under SB2, voters will be asked to approve multi-warrant articles during the deliberative process the first two Saturdays of February and at the polls in March.  Comparing apples to apples, with no citrus fruit thrown in, is as follows as of Monday night’s public hearing.  Please note that after the most recent evaluation, the average home in Hudson is $256,000, not the $300,000 it used to be.  These charts look at both changes in the town’s overall evaluation and any anticipated revenue from those changes.


Town Rate Now                                        $6.37

General Fund Warrant Article, if passed     $0.07

General Operating Allocation                       $6.44

Other Warrant Articles, if passed                 $0.17

New Town Rate                                           $6.61


Local School Rate Now                          $10.45

School Budget Article, if approved            $  0.61

Local School Anticipated Rate                   $11.06

Other Warrant Articles                                $  0.20

All Local School Warrant Articles               $11.26


$1.05 per $1,000 assessed for average single family home of $256,000 = $268.80 increase to annual tax bill