Hudson’s Early Learning Center Opens its Doors to the Class of 2028

September 4, 2015

by Doug Robinson

The yellow chariots lined the street in front of Hudson’s Early Learning Center while the young children paraded down the steps into the loving hands of their first school teachers.  While some parents cried, hugged, and held onto their little ones with a determination to never let go, others gleefully ran to their teacher with a return hug as their agenda.

Twenty-five buses carried nearly 450 of Hudson’s 2,500 school population to the Early Learning Center for their first day of school.  Those who did not arrive by bus walked hand-in-hand with a grown up on their way to their educational future.  Others arrived by bike and even on the shoulders of dad.

Children, carrying backpacks –decorated with pictures of Frogger, Princess Beauty, Hello Kitty, and Ninja turtles– were filled with their daily snacks, pens, pencils and necessary school information forms.

As they lined up, with their designated teacher, family and friends continued to snap those memory photos to be saved and then re-shown on their graduation day, 18 years in the future.  Teachers had created special welcome signs that identified the correct area for the child to go.

As the buses stopped, their numbers were checked off a master list, ensuring that no child in Hudson had been forgotten.  Teachers also had lists of their students.  “All buses have arrived,” commented one staffer.

Hudson Superintendent of Schools Bryan Lane and Becky Gagnon of First Student Bus Lines visited with parents and children as they exited the buses and were available for any concerns about the bus route, scheduling, and the picking up of their children.

“This is always a great day,” commented Lane.  “It’s neat to see the kids back in school.”