Hudson to Sell Nine Town-Owned Properties

February 13, 2015

by Doug Robinson

The Board of Selectmen for the Town of Hudson has decided to sell nine town-owned properties, down from the original 18 properties suggested.  As many of the properties are “not ready for primetime” according to Selectman Richard Maddox, the list was reduced in half.

The 18 properties are as follows:  (Properties marked with an asterisk have been approved for sale)

  1. 14 Adam Drive/Tax map 129 Lot 3 *
  2. 8 Alvirne Drive/Tax Map 138 Lot 63
  3. 13 Forest Road/ Tax Map 138 Lot 16 *
  4. 17 Federal St/ Tax Map 165 Lot 57 *
  5. 19 Merrimack St/ Tax MAP 165 Lot 164-1 *
  6. 11 Summer Ave/ Tax Map 165 Lot 128 *
  7. 8 Cliff Ave/ Tax Map 175 Lot 82-1
  8. 15 Hurley St/ Tax Map 182 Lot 189
  9. 5 R D St./ Tax Map 191 Lot 51
  10. Riverview St./ Tax Map 190 Lot 94 *
  11. Birch St./ Tax Map 197 Lot 40
  12. 2 Merrill St./ Tax Map 191 Lot 157 *
  13. 6 A-B Catalpa Drive/ Tax Map 178 Lot 4 *
  14. 20 Musquash Road/ Tax Map 224 Lot 4
  15. 5 Hopkins Drive/ Tax Map 136 Lot 22 *
  16. 4 Chestnut St./ Tax Map 247 Lot 45
  17. 3 Chestnut St/ Tax Map 247 Lot 51
  18. 17R Eayrs Pond Road/ Tax Map 247 Lot 75

The property recommendations were made by Hudson Assistant Assessor Jim Michaud.

On Jan. 6, the board met with four realtors to interview and discuss their possible involvement with the sale of the properties.  Michaud, in his memo of Feb. 1 to the Board of Selectmen, stated, “My recommendation is to go with a real estate firm that has the greatest amount of resources to offer us and one that has the greatest amount of recent experience selling residential land for their clients.”

The following realtors were interviewed:

  1. Margerita Verani, Berkshire Hathaway, Londonderry
  2. Michael Day, All Day Realty, Hudson
  3. Norm Pelletier, Berkshire Hathaway, Nashua
  4. Lisa DiBernardo, DiBernado Real Estate, Hudson

The Board of Selectmen hired Lisa DiBernardo of DiBernado Real Estate to market and sell the selected properties.

Michaud made a suggestion:  “I would recommend that a working group be formed consisting of a selectman or two, the town administrator, myself and the real estate agent (for) the purpose of (creating a) working group to have cogent discussions with all available real estate data at hand in order to arrive at recommended asking prices for the final selection of sites that the BOS will end up handing over to the agent for the sale.  These recommendations would then be submitted to the entire BOS to gain consensus approval of the same.”

While the BOS did create the working group, no selectman volunteered nor was assigned to the working group by BOS Chair Roger Coutu.

The BOS were not united with their property sale decision as the Board voted 3/1 in favor, Maddox opposed.  Selectman Ben Nadeau was absent.

Selectman Maddox stated that he had “more questions than good answers” with the sale of the properties.

He referred to the Feb. 1 memo from Michaud commenting that “serious questions, (and) validity of (the properties) being sold.

Michaud’s memo offered a forward analysis and opinion as to what should be done with each piece of property.  Of many of the properties he said, “To hold off submitting to real estate agent … until such time as ZBA input can be received,”  “Not to Submit,” “Sell by sealed bid with deed covenant that is not to be used as a stand-alone residential building lot,” and “seek engineering/legal/planning advice.”

Maddox stated, “We need to do more vetting and a lot more questions (need to be answered).  We did not do our due diligence to move forward (and it could) cause us more problems downstream.”

Both Selectmen Brucker and Nichols commented that they did not wish to wait to place the property on the market.  Brucker stated, “I am interested in getting this going, we have to decide on an agency.”

Selectman Nichols stated, “I think the very same thing.”