Hudson Selectmen Vote 5-0 to Remove Roadway Question from March Ballot

January 11, 2019



by Len Lathrop

On Tuesday, following a public hearing about the proposed $45 million roadway, which would have connected the Sagamore Bridge at Lowell Road to Route 111, the Hudson Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to remove the roadway question from the March ballot.

As the nine citizens spoke to the board, the chairman continued to answer most questions with the response that “when we were not awarded the federal grant, we did not study that. Commissioner of Agriculture Shawn Jasper spoke to the selectmen about other methods of financing the building of the road, like a “bid to build” road where a consortium builds it and recovers the expense of building it from a toll station.

Other citizens spoke about the plan itself with the four-way intersection where the two-lane road crosses the street as it travels though the woods. Selectwomen McGrath spoke, starting with the words, “I have never been in support of this plan and would not have voted for it,” and “I understand that there are properties in this section of the original plans that are not owned by the State of New Hampshire.”

After public input and an informational review presentation by the chairman, the board voted 5-0 to take the question off the ballot with the consensus that traffic is a big challenge for the town and other means for funding the highway will be referred to a committee of citizens and selectmen.