Hudson Selectmen to Sell over $1 Million Worth of Town Properties

November 7, 2014

by Len Lathrop

At the direction of Hudson Selectmen, the proceeds from the sales of 18 town-owned properties will be used for infrastructure repairs in the town.  Shortly after the last town election, last March, selectmen ask for a list of tax-deeded properties that have been owned by the town for three years or longer.

Based on the recommendation of Town Administrator Steve Malizia, bids will be solicited from licensed real estate professionals to sell the lots.

The assessed value of the properties totals $1.4821 million.  The properties are 14 Adams Drive, 4 Hopkins Drive, 15 Forrest Road, 8 Alvirne Drive, 17 Federal Street, 19 Merrimack Street, 11 Summer Avenue, 8 Cliff Avenue, 6 A-B Catalpa Drive, 15 Hurley Street, Riverview Street Lot 190-094, 5R D Street, 2 Merrill Street, Birch Street Map 197-157, 20 Musquash Road, 4 Chestnut Street, 3 Chestnut Street, and 17R Eayes Pond Road.

The smallest parcel is 0.29 acres and the largest is 51.953 acres at 20 Musquash Road.  The town has owned most of the properties since the ‘80s and ‘90s with one dating back to May of 1975.  The most recent on this list is from June of 2011.

Also discussed Tuesday was the Hills Memorial Library property, with Selectman Ben Nadeau making a motion to include it on the list.  The motion did not get a second, as several selectmen want legal opinion about selling the old library or having to return it to the heirs.  Nadeau stated that it is costing taxpayers well over 20 grand a year from funds in the Rodgers Library budget and the school district budget.