Hudson Selectmen Close Skate Park

August 9, 2013

Hudson Selectmen made the decision to close the skate park indefinitely. Staff Photo by Mike Falzone

By Staff Reports

Ongoing vandalism forced the Hudson Selectmen to close the Hudson Skate Park indefinitely at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“We have the Hudson Road Crew sweeping up broken glass and bottle, removing trash, and cleaning graffiti and paint off of the equipment weekly,” stated Selectman Ben Nadeau.

The Selectmen stressed to the public and the skateboarders a couple of years ago that the park would be closed unless the users took better care of the facility.  Glass pieces, broken bottles, and trash are hazards to skateboarders, and the town can’t allow the public to use the facility if it’s in disrepair.

“It’s gotten worse over the last few months,” continues Nadeau.  “Last week the kids put all of the skateboarding ramps out in the parking lot.  We can’t have the crew’s who are supposed to be maintaining our roads babysitting the skate park every day.”

The public Works, Recreation Department, and selectmen are working to come up with a plan on how to move forward.  For concerned citizens that want to voice their opinion or suggestions, they can contact any of the Hudson selectmen or visit a selectman’s meeting and comment during public input.

“We’re open to ideas and suggestions from the public,” commented Nadeau.  “I want to see some response from the public, and have the skateboarders take more responsibility of the facility.”

Many of the surrounding towns have closed skate parks for the same reasons, and unless the residents of Hudson show they care, or even want the park, it may go away.