Hudson School District Struggles to Balance Budget

December 9, 2016



by Len Lathrop

Due to a reduction in the FY-2018 Adequate Education Aid the school board, which currently has finished its budget review and is awaiting a final meeting on Dec. 28 before going to public hearings and deliberative session and the March ballot, found themselves with a revenue shortfall of $162,440 (approximately 6 cents on the tax rate).

This revenue loss is due to a reduction of 115 students based on the estimated 16-17 average daily membership.

In an effort to not pass the additional 6-cent increase to the taxpayers, the school district made some cuts; however, Karen Burnell, District Business Administrator, explained several would have to be added to next year’s 2019 budget.

Reductions were found by eliminating the following or making a reduction in the budget:  due to students leaving the school system, a budget reduction of $75,000; not purchasing a new Tech Router $18,750; reduction in supplies at the middle school by $5000 and at Alvirne $13,000; and another $75,000 is saved through salary attrition.

The saving from the cuts totals $186,750, an almost 7 cents per $1,000 of evaluation savings.