Hudson School Board to Discontinue Aramark Contract

April 8, 2016



by Len Lathrop

With very little discussion, the Hudson School Board acted on a recommendation from Hudson Business Administrator, Karen Burnell, to not renew the Aramark contract when it expires on June 30.

Aramark is an international company that focuses on serving people from facility management, food service and uniform services; they have been administrating the facilities for the Hudson school system since 2002.  While the direct service people work for the Hudson School Department, Aramark has planned and supervised their work in the school, while supplying the tools and equipment needed to do the work and the products that the facility produces.  Hudson’s award-winning food service program is not part of the Aramark contract, and is totally run by school district employees.

The budgeted amount to be paid to Aramark for the 2017 school year is $44,700.  Burnell provided a spreadsheet of what it is projected to cost; these costs total $377,928.96, which includes three new staff positions to provide the supervision and directions that Aramark has been providing.

During Monday night’s meeting newly reelected school board member Lee Lavoie asked about what equipment would be left when the contract ended, to which Burnell explained that anything that has been fully depreciated by Aramark becomes the property of the school district ,and other tools and equipment might be purchased.  Lavoie continued asking about the new pickup truck that was bought in a agreement with Aramark this year.  Burnell assured Lavoie that that the truck was part of the school district and on the district assets list.

With a motion by Ben Nadeau and a vote of 4-0 from the board, Burnell will start to look for the new staff needed by July 1.