Hudson School Board Re-Opens Negotiations with Superintendent Bryan Lane

December 5, 2014
Bryan Lane

Bryan Lane

by Doug RobinsonAt the Dec. 1 Hudson School Board meeting, School Board Chair Laura Bisson read the following from a prepared statement.

“There has been a great deal of speculation regarding the status (of) continuing a contract with our Superintendent (Bryan Lane.)  On the advice of our legal advisors, last June the Board voted to discontinue specific language in the Superintendent’s contract that automatically renewed the contract on an annual basis, unless the board notified the Superintendent otherwise.  The Board (at that time) voted to change the (contract) language.

The specific renewal language of Lane’s present contract states, “This agreement shall annually be automatically renewed for a period of one on the same terms and conditions of the second year of this Agreement unless the Hudson School Board, at least one year before the end of the original two-year term of this Agreement, gives written notice of non-renewal to the Superintendent of Schools or offers him or her a new contract on terms no less favorable than this contract.  After that time, the contract will continue to be automatically renewed for an additional year, on an annual basis in accordance with this paragraph.  During any period by which contract is automatically extended pursuant to this paragraph, the Superintendent of Schools is entitled to written notice of non-renewal at least 12 months (no later than June 30) prior to the end of such term or this contract will automatically be renewed for another one-year term.  In the event of non-renewal, the Superintendent of Schools is entitled to make a formal presentation to the Hudson School Board.”

Bisson further stated, “Since last June, the board has been in an evaluation process of the job performance of the superintendent.  Specific concerns were raised by the board and goals were created for the superintendent to work toward.”

The minutes of that June 6 meeting have been sealed.  At that time, Lane was told that his contract was not going to be renewed for another school year.  According to his contract, the present superintendent was to receive a one-year notice should the board decide not to renew his contract.  The board was serving him that notice.

In speaking with Superintendent Lane, he stated, “(The) board asked of me to work on my communication, specifically with the implementation of procedural policies.  I was also asked to work more closely with the board in communicating a more accurate picture of the things that were happening within the school system.”

Bisson continued reading from her statement, “At this time I would ask for a motion from the board to enter into negotiations with Bryan Lane to extend his contract and continue servicing as the Superintendent of Schools beyond the 2014-2015 school years.”

The Hudson School Board voted 5-0 in favor of continuing negotiation discussions with Lane.

Superintendent Lane commented, “I appreciate the board’s help in becoming a better leader.  I look forward to continuing to work with the school district after having worked for the Town of Hudson for 17 years.”

Lane further stated, “As we enter the contract negotiations, we will examine other school districts similar to Hudson with regards to pay and benefits.  Once we have agreed on that contract, it will become a public document for all to review.”