Hudson Memorial Students Lead a Health Fair

May 4, 2018


courtesy of Karen O’Brien, Hudson Memorial School

Hudson Memorial School headed into the April recess with its first health fair put on by students who attended the New Hampshire Teen Institute’s “Leaders in Prevention,” late this past winter. The one-day fair focused on resisting negative peer pressure, covering topics such as bullying, peer pressure, marijuana/smoking abuse, and vaping. The entire HMS student body rotated through four presentations on these areas and was presented with information on the harmful effects of each.

The fair was put on by sixth-grade students Jack Mallet, Rachel Stevens, Michaella Bowen, seventh graders Olivia Pinnell, Erin Stevens, Ryan Rezendes, and Ekaterina Erickson, and eighth graders Dean Wimmer and Akash Gundagarthi. These students were nominated by their teachers and represented Hudson Memorial School at the Teen Institute’s Leaders in Prevention Student Conference in February in Greenville, N.H., at the Barbara C. Norris Camp.

The Leaders in Prevention weekend brought students in from all over New Hampshire interested in helping change their communities for the better. Students spent time as a larger group learning about the five points of leadership, bullying, substance abuse, diversity and acceptance and problem solving. Through activities and games, the students shared experiences often outside their comfort zones, challenging themselves and those around them to participate and grow.

Throughout the weekend the HMS students met as a team to develop an action plan for what they would bring back to their community. HMS students determined that the biggest concern would be peer pressure and its impact on the student body. Once the students returned to HMS, they first presented to the school board before developing an action plan to continue forward with the health fair.

Hudson Memorial School continues with more education on the effects of vaping on May 9 at 6:30 p.m. with a presentation titled, “Vaping, Unveiled,” in the HMS gym. The presentation will be led by Breathe NH, a non-profit organization focused on issues related to lung health, including a panel of representatives from the Hudson School District and the Hudson Police Department.