Hudson has a New Low-Profile Police Cruiser

November 3, 2017



by David S. Morin

Hudson Police have added a new tool to provide better safety for those traveling on town roads. A new Ford Explorer police cruiser has been placed in service.

The low-profile cruiser is equipped with the same equipment a standard police vehicle would have, but what is different is there is no emergency light bar on the roof, the vehicle is not painted your standard Hudson Police black and white, and the graphics on the side of the vehicle are meant not to stand out.

Hudson Police Chief Jason Lavoie said the vehicle will serve in a normal patrol capacity but also be used when the department completes direct patrols related to traffic safety; specific traffic safety and enforcement grants and other cases where laws related to traffic enforcement are completed.

Chief Lavoie went on to say if any motorist does not feel they are being stopped by a real police officer they should call 9-1-1 immediately, explain what is happening and give your location and ask 9-1-1 to verify that it is an officer trying to stop you. Also, slow your speed down and drive toward a local police department or a populated area such as open shopping mall.