Hudson Fire Changing its Administration Structure Effective July 1

May 16, 2014

by Len Lathrop

Fire Chief Rob Buxton presented a plan at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting to reorganize the fire department’s top command structure.  The current organizational chart and the new chart approved for July 1 appear below.

When Chief Buxton was promoted upon the leaving of Shawn Murray, Buxton’s then Deputy Chief position was never advertised for or filled.  Now that Buxton has had the opportunity to be on the job for a while, he proposed to eliminate the training captain position and to fill the second deputy chief’s slot.  The training duties would become part of the duty captain’s role.  Selectmen questioned if this restructure would affect the opening of Robinson Road Station on a 12/7 basis to which the chief assured them that it would not.

Selectmen Maddox, who has been outspoken about too many white shirts (supervisory administrators) at the fire department, mentioned that this new plan allows Buxton to “put his footprint on the department” at which time Chairman Coutu responded that he saw this plan as helping Hudson from losing the chief to burn out.

As the town adjusts to the default budget handed to them by voters, Selectmen Brucker asked about salary cost.  Chief Buxton reported a small delta between the two salaries but not a major issue especially with the improved revenue from the recently revamped inspectional division.