Hudson Family has Kindness Returned

December 22, 2017


Staff photo by Bruce Preston John and Sandra Dubuc were grateful to the hard-working crew from St. Laurent Property Maintenance. (From left in black): Brothers Jim and Jake Holden and Melecio Octba.

by Bruce Preston

Sandra and John Dubuc are the kind of people you want to have living in your neighborhood.  They own a home in Hudson that they share with their children, Chris and Zachary, two dogs (Oreo and Cookie) and two cats (KitKat and Skittles).  However, there is a lot more going on with this couple than meets the eye.  They are the kind of people who always seems to put others in before themselves.

The couple spends a lot of their free time volunteering in the community.  John is a master sergeant in the Air Force.  He has spent 12 of the past 16 months overseas serving the country.  In 2007, the couple lost a son, Matthew, after a three-year battle with cancer.  At one point, Matthew received a liver transplant, which Sandra believed gave him two and a half more years of life.  Because of that experience, Sandra recently anonymously donated one of her kidneys to a child.

But this couple was recently the recipient of a kind deed from someone else.  After hearing of the Dubuc’s situation from a neighbor, Jake Holden, the owner of St. Laurent Property Maintenance from Hudson, decided he would help them out.  Holden, along with his brother, company manager Jim Holden, and employee Melecio Octba, went to the Dubuc’s Eagle Drive home and did a complete fall cleanup on the one-acre plus property when the family was not home.  “It only took us about two and a half hours because we have the right equipment,” Jake Holden said.

It took John and Sandra a little while to put all the pieces together to figure out what had happened.  On Thursday afternoon, while the house was empty, Holden and his crew went into the yard to do the work.  Just as they were finishing up, Sandra’s mother and son returned home and spotted the name on the truck.

Both John and Sandra returned home after dark that night, so they could not see what had been done.  The following morning, Sandra called her mother and commented that ‘someone had cleaned the yard.’  Her mother said she thought that Sandra had hired someone to do it.  At that point, Sandra realized what had happened.

“We do a lot of volunteering.  We try to ‘pay it forward’ … so to have someone do it to us … we can really appreciate it,” said Sandra.  John was very pleased with the amount of work that it took off his shoulders too.  “You’re playing catch up on all the things you haven’t done around the house.  I would have cleaned it in the springtime, which would have been horrible to clean up after the winter.

“He did such an amazing job; we really need to hire them next year.”