Hudson Explorers Train to Work Together

January 15, 2016


by Len Lathrop

When you think laser tag, don’t you just think fun?  Well, in this case, it wasn’t fun and games.  Instead, the vocational wing of Alvirne High school was changed into a site where “training helps you feel comfortable with what you’re doing in a stressful situation.”  This was the first thing that Officer Roger Lamarche of the Hudson Police Department told a roomful of both Police and Fire Explorers in a joint training experience for the groups.  Under the watchful eyes of Detective Allison Cummings, Captain Dave Morin and Lamarche, the explorers, armed with laser guns, searched the classrooms and horticultural greenhouse for armed suspect(s) portrayed by Taylor Morin, a member of the Police Communication Division and an assistant with the Police Explorers.

Prior to the issuance of the weapons many safety issues and handling procedures were outlined by Lamarche.  This included how to hold the weapon and what is the proper way to check a room as a team, which included how to round corners and open doors.  Lamarche outlined what the police would do in certain situations and how fire personnel were needed to support them handle the different types of armed assailants with and without active gun fire.

Captain Morin explained to the explorers the importance of assisting victims while preserving the evidence at the scene –not to move items unless you could not treat the injured.  All three professional public servants talked about how important the working relationship between police and fire is, and that everyone whose job it is to run toward gunshots or run into a fire knows how vital training is.

The explorers were divided into squads of five people who geared up and went looking for the armed suspect.  Watching the different teams enter the rooms, open doors and always with a guard covering the groups’ back, show that these high school students had listened and were practicing what Lamarche had told them.

Detective Cummings wanted our readers to know how supportive Alvirne Principal Beals is in allowing the explorers to hold training of this type at the school, as well as how this training helps the students better understand the careers they are considering.