How will Hudson Make Space for Police Department Growth?

September 13, 2019

by Len Lathrop

For many years, the last three Hudson police chiefs have been telling residents that the department has outgrown the current station on Constitution Drive.  During a workshop-style meeting on Sept. 3, the Hudson Board of Selectmen was presented with a conceptual design and construction budget prepared by NorthPoint Construction Management and a spatial needs assessment prepared by Municipal Recourses, Inc. for a new station.

Chief Avery outlined the history of the complex built 25 years ago including the on-the-fly cost-savings initiative imposed as the construction was underway causing the current building to be unable to support a second floor.  Therefore, the only potential expansion would be horizontal. MRI met with 40 percent of police personnel including both sworn and unsworn members of the department.

The MRI report is comprehensive, and, in its closing, offers 40 recommendations to make the Hudson station current and in line with national, state and best practice standards.

The NorthPoint summary is a construction plan for the addition and renovations that the chief and his staff have outlined as needed to meet the department’s needs. It is a budget proposal for a 5,775-square-foot addition and 9,544- square-foot interior renovations.  The proposal has conceptual architectural floor plans from site meetings and e-mail communications incorporating the MRI report. NorthPoint pointed out environmental challenges to the expansion project due to ledge, property lines and zoning restrictions with an anticipated construction duration for the project of 48 weeks.

The plans show an addition to the left side of the current station when looking at the front door. Also included in the project is a car port for fleet storage to protect from inclement weather and also reduces the chance for injured-on-duty slips and falls in winter conditions.

The selectmen discussed the project with Chief Avery with some questions about space for storage of records, some which have to be retained forever.  They asked the chief to review if the space is big enough to serve the town for 15 -20 years.

The current cost estimate based on square footage is $6,604,750 for the building, finishes, and equipment.

The MRI report can be found on the police website, and plans will be available after review and adjustments.