How They Voted

Overriding governor’s veto of bill removing 3-month wait before new patient can be certified for cannabis use.

September 27, 2019


courtesy of Andy Renzullo

Here is an important vote taken by your state representatives and senators in Hillsborough District 37 (Hudson and Pelham) and Hillsborough Districts 20 and 44 (Litchfield).  In some instances, the “Yea” or “Nay” will be changed to another term to avoid confusion as to the intent of the vote.

On Sept. 18 and 19, the New Hampshire legislature took up a record number of governor’s vetoes.  Of the 52 vetoed bills voted on during the two-day session, only one had its veto overridden both by the New Hampshire House and the New Hampshire Senate, SB-88.

Veto Override of SB-88 – A bill that makes certain changes in the use of cannabis (marijuana) for therapeutic purposes law, including eliminating the time frame for a provider-patient relationship.  The bill removes the existing provision in the law requiring a three-month relationship between a patient and the medical provider before the provider can issue a written certification to allow the patient to obtain a Registry Identification Card allowing the therapeutic use of cannabis.

On March 21, the Senate passed SB-88 (17 Yea-7 Nay).  On April 23, 2019, the House passed SB-88 (263 Yea-90 Nay) and sent it on to the governor for his signature.  On July 12, Governor Sununu vetoed SB-88.  In his veto message Governor Sununu stated:  “Maintaining a strong patient-provider relationship is an important part of ensuring that our medical marijuana program is used successfully and responsibly.  A doctor or other health care provider uses their knowledge and relationship with a patient to explore the right treatment options for that individual.  The exemptions in the current statute allow for patients in need to obtain appropriate treatment while preserving responsible prescribing.”

In order to override the governor’s veto, each legislative body (House and Senate) must pass the override motion by a two-thirds margin of those voting.  Thus, a successful override requires two “Yes” votes for every one “No” vote.

On Sept. 19, the governor’s veto was overridden in the NH Senate by a vote of 17 Yea-7 Nay (greater than a two-thirds majority).  An analysis of the votes showed 14 Democrats were joined by three Republicans in voting to override the governor’s veto, while seven Republicans were joined by 0 Democrats in voting to sustain the governor’s veto.  All members of the Senate were present and voting.

Later on the same day, the governor’s veto was overridden in the New Hampshire House by a vote of 238 Yea-117 Nay (greater than a two-thirds majority).  An analysis of the votes showed 211 Democrats were joined by 26 Republicans and one Libertarian in voting to override the governor’s veto, while 117 Republicans were joined by 0 Democrats in voting to sustain the governor’s veto.  Democrats missing the votes were 15 excused and seven not voting.  Republicans missing the vote were 10 excused and 10 not voting.  The bill is now law.

Representatives for Hudson and Pelham, Hillsborough, District 37

Lekas, Tony Republican, Override Veto

Nunez, Hershel, Republican, Override Veto

Prout, Andrew, Republican, Override Veto

Whittemore, James, Republican, Override Veto

Greene, Bob, Republican, Sustain Veto

Lekas, Alicia, Republican, Sustain Veto

Ober, Lynne, Republican, Sustain Veto

Ober, Russell, Republican, Sustain Veto

Renzullo, Andrew, Republican, Sustain Veto

Rice, Kimberly, Republican, Sustain Veto

Ulery, Jordan, Republican, Sustain Veto

Representatives for Litchfield, Hillsborough

Boehm, Ralph, Republican, District 20, Sustain Veto

Lascelles, Richard, Republican, District 20, Sustain Veto

McLean, Mark, Republican, District 44, Sustain Veto

Proulx, Mark, Republican, District 44, Not Voting

Senator For Hudson

Carson, Sharon, Republican, District, 14, Sustain Veto

Senator For Litchfield

Soucy, Donna, Democrat, District, 18, Override Veto

Senator for Pelham

Morse, Chuck, Republican, District, 22, Sustain Veto