Honoring Those who Served: Memorial Day in Litchfield

May 30, 2014

by Lynne Ober

Was rain coming or not?  Was an umbrella needed?  Those questions faced those attending the Litchfield Memorial Day Parade and Program.  Some brought umbrellas and some just chairs, but both groups were keeping a watchful eye on the skies.  Then, just before the parade began, the sun peeked out and clouds drifted away.  The celebration was ready to begin.

The parade is a joyful celebration of living in Litchfield.  Town organizations and Litchfield residents participate.  Litchfield Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Baseball teams all took part.  One Brownie troop decorated their scooters and rode them.  The Campbell High First Robotics Team, which placed first in the March 2014 competition, loaded their winning robot onto a truck and showed it off.  Candy was thrown from floats and by those walking the parade route.  Antique vehicles of all types drove in the parade.

Once the parade ended, watchers gathered in the parking lot of the Historical Society for the program.  A warm welcome was offered by Dr. Steven Calawa.  The program is always dedicated to those who have served and are serving the country in the armed forces.

The Campbell High School choirs and school band provide a wonderful musical program each year, which always ends with echo taps as the wreaths are laid in remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

This year the 100th anniversary of World War I was remembered by “In Flanders Fields” and “American the Beautiful.”  The 70th anniversary of D-Day was honored with the Campbell High School choirs singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  Jacob McQuesten honored the Civil War soldier, and the Campbell High School Band played “The Blue and the Gray.”  Before the music was over, the band played a melody of armed forces songs, and audience members were asked to stand and be recognized when their song was ended.

Dr. Calawa made a few closing remarks and invited everyone into the historical society building to see a display of Civil War artifacts and World War II newspapers.