HMS Transformed into a Greek Isle with the Lively Sounds of Mamma Mia

April 12, 2019


The students, parents and staff turned the HMS Nute gymnasium into the Greek isle of Kalokairi for the weekend of April 5 and 6. Many talented students took 650 people on a trip over two nights.

Stories, songs and dance were weaved together to tell the story of 21-year-old Sophie Sheridan played by Addy Martin, who is about to get married. The twist is that she has never known her father, but after finding her mother’s (Kendall Nangle) diary, she has invited the three potential fathers to the wedding: Bill Austin played by Cody Wood, Harry Bright played by Tommy Peaslee, and Sam Carmichael played by Aleksy Garcia. The potential fathers arrive on the island after not having seen Sophie’s mother, Donna, for 21 years and have to stay at the hotel that Donna owns and operates.

As the wedding approaches Sophie tries to determine who her father is so he can walk her down the church aisle. She initially struggles with her relationship with her future husband, Sky, played by AJ Prescott. Through much soul searching, Sophie decides that her mother will escort her down the aisle.

Cast members include Addy Martin (Sophie Sheridan), Kendall Nangle (Ali), Liah Simpson (Lisa), Hillary Weston (Donna Sheridan), Mansi Mathur (Tanya), Olivia Pinnell (Rosie), A. J. Prescott (Sky), Jack Mallett (Pepper), Aiden Lechner (Eddie), Tommy Peaslee (Harry Bright), Cody Wood (Bill Austin), Alesky Garcia (Sam Carmichael), Ryan Boullianne (Father Alexandrios), Lisette Beauchemin, Mackenzie Franek and Hannah Krause (Girl Harmony Group) and the ensemble of Lisette Beauchemin, Maya Beauchemin, Julianna Cedar, Stephanie Christopher, Samantha Clardy, Caroline Debreceni, Reilly Douglas, Vicky Duffy, Adriana Duncan, Emma Eldredge, Mackenzie Franek, Isabelle Freni, Ryan Gasdia, Kylie Grove, Marisol Hernandez, Ainsley Horton-Sousa, Hanna Kraus, Alexa Kruger, Gracie Lavoie, Ava Martin, Makayla Meehan, Mia Morales, Shanne Nichols, Elle Norse, Annily Norton, Savanna O’Leary, Natalia Ouellette, Adriana Plamondon, Abby Poper, Arianna Quintliani, Madeline Sargent, Alexandra Stewart, Cody Sullivan, Karissa Thellen, Tori Thompson, Addison Tobin, Thomas Trost, Ashlyn Tuton, and Rachel Vurgaropulos.

Orchestra members were Lisa Hansen, Jack Gasdia, Allyson Cahill and Sophia Garas on keyboards; Alex Fitzpatrick and Sam Twining on percussion; Ben Costantini on bass; Jake Hudgins and Sam Sarel on guitar.

Back stage/set scenery was handled by crew members Connor Anger, Haley Bassett, Alex Beaudoin, Victoria Chapman, Grace Cummings, Kai Freeman, Grace Grand, Michael Gregoire, Aiden Hughes, Hayden Kerscher, Corey Provencher, Keith Quarles, Aubrey Quinlan, Madyson Rambeau, Emily Robicheau, Alexis Testa, Bella Twining and Lillian Welburn; lighting, Lillian Welburn; spot light, Luke Huard and Kevin Zeveckas; assistant stage manager, Elizabeth Wilson; and high school helper, Lily Ripaldi.

On the production/creative team were Sarah Herron, music director; Susanne Weis, director/producer; Samantha Weis, choreography/assistant director; and Janice Walsh, scenic director.