HMS Teacher Gets Special Recognition

January 30, 2015

by Len Lathrop

Being New Hampshire’s Special Educator of the Year, Kyla Roche, was surprised Friday morning with a celebration that will lead to receiving an EDDY award this spring.  Hudson Memorial School gymnasium was full as the entire student population, her family, many of her students’ parents and the honored dignitaries for the Council for Exceptional Children were there for this presentation.

Friday’s citation was “In recognition of outstanding contributions to the academic achievements and personal growth to special education students.”

Since 1922, the Council for Exceptional Children has been a national organization advocating for children who are gifted and/or talented, or who have disabilities.  Based in the Washington, D.C., area since its inception, CEC is a strong advocate for parents, teachers and administrators of special education as well.  Familiar with legislation at the national level, CEC makes frequent contact with decision makers and elected representatives in the House and Senate, representing the interest of parents and professionals in the field.

Presenting Roche with the award and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, was the New Hampshire Council for Exceptional Children Treasurer Lois-Jean Stevens Director of Special Services, Prospect Mountain School District.  Accompanying her were CEC Secretary Mary Beth Goodell, director of Student Services Pelham, and Santina Thibedeau, director of Special Education.

Stacey Milbouer, representing the Hudson School Board, greeted everyone with a “Hidee, Hidee Ho for special education in Hudson” and then went on to state how proud the district was with all the accomplishments of Mrs. Roche and the students.

Hudson Director of Special Education Jeanne Saunders mentioned she had worked with Kyla for three years and has been impressed with the relationships she develops with the students, parents and administrators.  “The kids make tremendous progress with her.  Kyla has a way with our students and families,” Saunders said.  “By the time they leave, they’re ready for ninth grade at Alvirne.”

Saunders also pointed out that Roche works with staff for crisis management training.  “She (Roche) de-escalates crisis situations and helps train staff across the district in that capacity.

Memorial School Principal Keith Bowen said this of Roche:  “(She) is absolutely the most amazing teacher, one that any parent would love to have their child with,” Bowen said.  “She’s caring, kind, supportive … and knows how to develop relationships.

Bowen continued, “She’s an outstanding asset to the community of Hudson.”