Heroic Seven Year Old to Receive HFD’s Citizens Service Award

October 17, 2014
submitted by David S. Morin, HFD Public Information Liaison

Being a hero has no age requirement.  Just consider the actions of seven-year-old Paul Carter, Jr., who rescued his grandmother from their burning home in March of this year.  Young Paul will be recognized at the Hudson Fire Department Annual Awards Dinner on Oct. 18 at the Nottingham West School on Pelham Road in Hudson. The awards dinner, which begins at 7 p.m., recognizes the work of the members of the Hudson Fire Department.

A homegrown and schooled Hudson resident, Paul and his family had been the proud owners of the mobile home he lived in.  For 16 years, 16 Christmases, birthdays, holidays and family events, the family created their precious memories there until one fateful March morning.

Young Paul, 7, awoke at 7 a.m. one Friday in March to the sight of a fire engulfing his kitchen.  It was about the time Paul would be getting ready for school.

According to fire officials, one of the three family dogs jumped onto the stove and turned on a burner, which ignited some combustible material, and then disaster struck.

The fire spread rapidly, reaching temperatures in excess of 1,500 degrees.  The heat was hot enough to buckle and burn the shell of the mobile home.   The intensity of the fire required 26 firefighters from Nashua, Windham, Pelham and Hudson.  According the American Red Cross, the home was considered a “total loss.”

When the fire exploded, Paul, his grandmother and their three dogs became trapped.  Hudson Deputy Chief John O’Brien stated, “Paul’s presence of mind was unbelievable.  He saved his grandmother’s life.  His actions were heroic.”