Have You Chosen Your Candidates? Hudson has Planned Your Travel Route and Parking at the Polls

November 4, 2016


by Len Lathrop

It would be hard to think that anyone doesn’t know there is a national election next Tuesday, and the projected number of voters by the town moderator and the selectmen is somewhere around 14,000 voters.

Plans have been made, reviewed and tested at the September Primary Election.  The goal is to get vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and out of the community center as quickly and safety as possible, while alleviating vehicular backups in and around Lions Avenue.

Getting to the Community Center on Lions Avenue, as with the last several elections, Lions Avenue will be one way from the intersection of Adelaide Street to the intersection of Hurley Street.  As we all have seen, Lions Avenue becomes congested with vehicular traffic while citizens attempt to find vacant parking spaces.  As a result, vehicles begin backing up on Adelaide Street (west) toward Central Street.  This causes traffic to extent westerly on Central Street and ultimately causes drivers traveling north on Lowell Road to experience long delays.  Lowell Road and Central Street is a busy intersection almost every weekday during the evening rush hour commute.

To keep traffic moving on Central Street, the Hudson Police Crime Scene vehicle (with spotlights) and an officer will be at the intersection of Central and Adelaide streets.  There will be a second officer at the intersection of Melendy Road and Central Street.  When stacked traffic for Lions Avenue backs up on Adelaide that officer has been instructed to have traffic continue on Central Street (approximately a quarter mile) to take a left onto Vinton Street.  An officer will be at the intersection of Central and Vinton streets during the evening commute.  These vehicles will take Vinton Street to Blackstone Drive to Noel Street, and then a left on Adelaide to Lions Avenue (now on your right).  If both Vinton and Adelaide are holding full of traffic waiting to get on Lions Avenue, then you could be directed to Burnham Road; at your first traffic light take a left turn; Burnham Road becomes Ferry Street and then make a left onto Adelaide (after entrance of DQ) then to go to Lions Avenue via Adelaide Street.  There will be signs, arrows and police officers assisting motorists to the Community Center.  The hope is that the Lowell Road / Central Street intersection is relieved of election traffic during the evening commute.

Coming from South Hudson on Lowell Road to vote, please turn right onto Roosevelt Avenue, there will be signage that traffic northbound can see on Lowell Road.  Drivers will go to the end of Roosevelt Avenue and take a left onto Melendy Road and proceed to the intersection of Central Street.  An officer will be at this intersection (from 3 p.m. to the polls close) assisting motorists onto Central Street (you will be turning right onto Central Street).

When leaving the polls, all voters must turn right out of the parking area and travel on Lions Avenue to Hurley Street.  Traffic will turn right and proceed to Second Street that will bring you to Ferry Street.  An officer will be at the intersection of Second Street and Ferry Street from the time the polls open until they close to assist traffic turning onto Ferry Street.

As for where to park, both police officers and Hudson Highway employees will be in the parking area to assist in finding empty spots and to keep traffic moving, and to help pedestrians.  When you are on Lions Avenue the officer will either direct you to turn right into the lot or to turn left to the area across the street from the Hudson Community Center.  If turning right you might be directed around the back of the building to the parking area on the north side.  The plan calls for seven employees (police and highway employees) to be in the various parking areas to assist in finding spots.  Reminder, all vehicles parked on the right side (if facing the Community Center) must exit via the rear of the building onto Lions Avenue.

Voters are authorized to park on surrounding streets as long as they park “Right Wheel to Curb” and don’t block driveways, fire hydrants, intersection or park in a manner that prevents the Hudson Fire Department to safely maneuver their equipment (the ladder truck), in case of an emergency.  Voters can also park at the Pickle Ball Park on Melendy and an officer will assist you in crossing Central Street (starting at 3 p.m.).

Your town has worked hard to make getting to the polls as positive as possible.  Please have patience, but only you can decide who will get your vote!