Have the Hudson Selectmen Entered into a Cold War with the School District?

September 13, 2019



by Len Lathrop

At the middle of the school board meeting on Monday night, Superintendent Larry Russell had a carry in item that was not part of the printed agenda.  It was a request from the Hudson Selectmen under RSA 91a (Right To Know law).  It requested almost all documents relative to the building of the Palmer CTE.  Their letter is reprinted here.

Town RTK

The HLNrequested from the town through a Right To Know letter any and all minutes including non-public minutes and notes about this request to try to find out what the record request is looking for. Town Administrator Steve Malizia was asked how much the town had spent on legal fees to draft this request. He replied that he believed it had been by Selectman McGrath and only reviewed by the town attorney.

The superintendent has advised the HLNthat the cost will be about $10,000 to retrieve and copy everything that is requested.  And he is hoping to meet with the selectmen to see truly what they are looking for.

Also during Monday’s meeting, Chairman Malcolm Price advised the school board that no one is to go to the selectmen’s meetings and he will be representing the board until further notice.  In a phone interview, the chairman was asked if this was a result of the Right To Know request.  The chairman explained it was not, but it was due to the way school board member Darcy Orellana was treated by a selectman at the last meeting during the discussion about the Alvirne renovation plans.

If this is truly a war, the biggest losers will be the taxpayers.