Hats off! Salem High Graduates about to Enter Life’s Next Chapter

June 26, 2015

by Jay Hobson

Salem High School graduated 318 students at a ceremony held June 12 at Grant Field.  The school itself is graduating with a $75 million renovation project and will begin a new phase of existence as the Class of 2015 does the same.

Principal Tracy Collier in her opening remarks told the graduates that “no two high school experiences are the same,” and she said that she was proud of the class and reminded them that she had told them three years earlier that high school would fly by, “in a blink.”

Valedictorian Michelle Rheaume joked that the class had learned “the many meals that can be prepared from chicken patties.”

“In all seriousness, Salem High has provided us with countless opportunities to learn and experience new things both in and out of the classroom,” Rheaume said.

Rheaume added that “knowledge is a gift and we got just under 4,000 hours of it for free.”

Logan Shore, co-Salutatorian, said that “it is understandable for people to feel sad around graduation, people are ending an entire chapter of their lives … however, this should be a time of celebration.  This is only the first chapter of our lives.”

Shore then quoted Karl Marx.

“As one of my favorite authors once said, ‘Men make their own history.’”

Alexis Warnick, the other co-Salutatorian, said that although the high school has been the object of jokes because of all the repairs it needs, “within its walls are a group of dedicated teachers who really know what’s up.”

Class President Michael Parisi said that of all things to remember, family and friends are the most important.

“I have spent countless hours doing school work and missed time with the most important people in my life because of it.  Although you should always take care of your responsibilities first and foremost, if in the coming years you’ve been locked up in your room studying for an exam and your friends ask you to get some ice cream, get the ice cream,” Parisi said.

Parisi then put action to his words of people being most important by producing a camera on a selfie stick and taking a selfie of himself with the graduates and families in the stands in the background.

Superintendent of Schools Michael Delahanty said that he also learned something.

“Twitter was launched in 2006 and has over 500 million users worldwide.  More than 2,800 of them follow my Salem School District account.  Something I learned recently is that you all can reply to my tweets.  But I’ve read some of them, hash tag no diploma for you.  I may not be able to do anything, but underclassmen be forewarned,” Delahanty said.”