Gotta Catch ’Em All: Finding Pokémon in Hudson

August 5, 2016


by Kaylee Murphy

Since Pokémon Go has been released, avid Benson Park runners, walkers, dog park users and bikers have seen an influx of people roaming around the park with their eyes glued to their phones.  On a beautiful day on the weekend or even on a weekday after work, the Benson’s parking lot tends to fill up and there are plenty of people walking throughout the park.

Pokémon Go has been frequently in the news.  As with most things, there have been pros and cons with this new app.  It has brought people who typically wouldn’t be seen outside, outside and walking.  There have been some cons, such as people not looking where they are going and getting hit by cars.  A dead body was found in Nashua by a Pokémon Go user.  Main Street in Nashua is a popular place for Pokémon Go users, but so is Bensons.

Bensons has a virtual ‘gym,’ which is located at the giant gazebo near the pond.  A gym in the game is basically a specific location where a person goes to battle rival Pokémon teams.  There are friendly gyms, which are gyms owned by your own team, and there are open gyms, which are gyms that haven’t been claimed yet.  The gazebo is a common place to find Pokémon Go users as well as the 9/11 Memorial.  Some of the rare Pokémons that have been caught at Benson’s are a Venusaur, a Rhyhorn and a Growlithe.

Most of the people that were interviewed playing Pokémon Go at Bensons said that they visit the park around two to four times a week to play this game, and had visited the park before the game was released.  Although none of the people who were interviewed had found any dead bodies while playing the game, one person did find a Pokémon in the toilet.  Another person saw a guy jump off a bridge in order to catch a Pokémon.

When asked if Pokémon Go was a temporary craze, Mike Clough answered that Pokémon Go may be temporary, but added that Pokémon has been around for 20 years.  Clough has been a frequent visitor to Bensons as he used to go to the Animal Park when he was a kid and now he visits Bensons to play Pokémon Go.