Got a Quarter?

USDA Says Cost of HMS Lunch must Increase

July 24, 2015


by Len Lathrop

Hudson Memorial students need to have another quarter ready for lunch as the cost is going up from $2 to $2.25.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services, any school district that receives federal reimbursements must charge an average of at least $2.20 per paid meal served.  In order for the Hudson School District to meet the new standard set by the USDA, the cost of lunches will need to increase to $2.25 beginning September 2015 for middle school students only.

The intent of this regulation is to ensure there are sufficient funds to provide highly nutritious food programs.  The Hudson School District food program is unique to the state as it is totally self-funded.  While increasing the cost of lunches that show a positive fund balance each year seems unjustifiable, the district is placed in a position where it has no option.  If the district does not comply with the new standard it will face loss of federal reimbursements of $330,000.  The funds generated by this price increase will be used to improve the quality and variety of food offered throughout the district, providing the students with a variety of healthy choices, in other words, a wider selection of fruits and vegetables at all levels.  In September, HMS will have a new sandwich and fruit and veggie bar for a variety of health choices.

Meanwhile, the elementary school lunch remains at $1.90 and at Alvirne, $2.50.