Going to the Prom Dressed in Duct Tape?

May 9, 2014

by Len Lathrop

A lot of calls come into the newspaper, but “my daughter made her prom dress from duct tape and needs some support to win the $10,000 scholarship” is a new one.

Meet Kim Goodwin, a Hudson senior, who, with her brother as her prom date, came to Hudson’s Library Park, aka the town center, the town common, Saturday afternoon for some pictures.

Not just the dress, but the jewelry, shoes, nosegay, the date’s shoes, jacket vest and pants are all courtesy of Duck Brand duct tape.  The pictures speak louder than any type of long-winded explanation.  And as you can see it wasn’t gray, and it wasn’t just a one color.  The dress was purple, and the appliqué was a galaxy pattern with darker colored stars and a brand new blue tape used as a highlight.  When asked about how long the ensemble took to create, Kim answered simply: 300 hours of time and 40 rolls of tape.

While Kim did the work, her brother, Loren a junior at Alvirne, was the model for most of the construction of the wardrobe.  On Saturday, Loren was literally taking some heat adorned in pants, vest and jacket covered with multiple layers of tape.  Meanwhile, Saturday wasn’t that warm at Library Park.

To help the Goodwin kids both win a $10,000 scholarships watch the HLN for the Community Voting Period then go to StuckatProm.com where voting begins on June 10 and runs until July 8, but first the Goodwins must make the top 10 of all the entries received.  The winners will be announced on July 16.

Now this isn’t Kim’s first venture with Duck Brand tape, how about the Ellen Show where her Duck taped pocket book looked like Ellen and was shown to the national audience.  Use your smart device and scan the QR code.  Here is the link to the Ellen photo:  https://www.facebook.com/missducttapequeen/photos/a.139094409508226.36420.139094339508233/427723363978661/?type=1&theater.  YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqpvVFbOERM.

Kim is known in the Duck tape world as Missducttapequeen1 on YouTube where you can find many different tutorials about Duck Brand and how to make everything from feather flowers and see some of the new patterns that Duck Brand has developed.