GMS Students Rewarded for 2,022 Acts of Kindness in the Community

November 24, 2017


by David S. Morin

Over the last two weeks, students of the Griffin Memorial School in Litchfield completed acts of kindness as part of a fundraiser for the Parent-Teacher Organization.  The idea came about after the school’s PTO began looking for a new fundraiser to spark interest in the school.  After a web search, the PTO came across a group called Raise Craze to assist them in the fundraising.  In the past the school only received 40 percent of the funds raised.  With Raise Craze, the school will receive 90 percent of the funds raised, explained Christina Harrison, GMS PTO member.

The school PTO provides the school with much support in many areas.  The group provides funding for field trips, purchased the climbing wall in the gym, had two water bottle filling stations installed in the school, and provide the teachers with needed supplies and support.

The fundraising program works through Raise Craze who contacted potential donors.  To thank those who donated, the students would go out into the community and perform acts of kindness.

The student body, as a whole, took the event seriously, and individual students completed from one to 64 acts of kindness.  In total 2,022 acts of kindness were performed throughout the town and for many organizations.  In the process, students raised a total $22,000.

The students and classrooms that completed the most acts of kindness were awarded by the PTO for their work in making their community a better place to live.

Melissa Rakley said the various acts of kindness included making blankets for children in the hospital; assembling coats/hats/mittens/clothing for homeless shelters and soup kitchens; collecting food and toiletries for the local food pantry; and gathering toys for the children’s hospital.  Meals were made, mail was taken in, yard work was done, and trash was taken out for neighbors.  Letters and words of encouragement were written and passed out to teachers, friends, bus drivers, family members, and many others in the community.

Christmas cards were decorated and sent to among others, a child who has a terminal disease and may not live until Christmas, as well as to our men and women serving in the military.

Rakley went on to say the students have been nothing short of amazing, and that she is incredibly proud of the kids, staff, volunteers and families for the success this fundraiser had, and “soooo much ‘amazingness’ was overflowing in our little town!”

The PTO made a deal with GMS Principal Scott Thompson.  If they exceeded their goal, he promised to do something crazy for the student body.  Well, the principal kept his word and did not let them down.

Thompson, teachers and SAU staff put a circus variety show together, and, on Nov. 16, gave an entertaining performance.

The show included a ringmaster who led the actors in several acts with clowns, wild animals (teachers in costume), and a sing-along led by Morticia Addams and musical backup by Principal Thompson playing both the drum and tuba at the same time.  The show received laughs, a rousing cheer and applause from the students and school staff.

Melissa Rakley summed it all up:  “Be proud Litchfield; the future looks very bright and beautiful here!”