GMS Fourth Graders Say Goodbye with Recognition, Family and Fun

June 28, 2013

submitted by K. Sullivan

Tuesday, June 18 was a great day for fourth graders at Griffin Memorial School in Litchfield.

Early in the day, they were given their Yearbooks to peruse and have friends sign.  Created by parents under the leadership of Laura Gandia, each student had his/her picture included with fun facts including their favorite foods, music and activities.  Exciting candid photos from throughout the year filled the pages with smiles.

At lunch time, they were treated to a picnic on the lawn, sponsored by the PTO.  Even though the rain sent them back into the cafeteria, they still had a great time with the Kona Ice truck treats.

From there, they entertained their families with their Spring Arts Concert.  Organized by Music teacher, Mrs. Labelle, the students sang several songs from Australia, including “Kooky Kookabura.”  Every student also performed on their recorders and a smaller group of students also performed a more challenging version of “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.”

The culminating event of the day was the Recognition Ceremony.  Members of the Green Team and Student Council were thanked for their service to the school.  Every student was given a Certificate of Recognition for having completed Fourth Grade.  Their names were called and they shook the Assistant Principal and Principal’s hands as they marked their completion of elementary school.  Families then visited their classrooms for treats and to see some of their major projects.  It was a special day to say goodbye to GMS and look forward to moving on to Litchfield Middle School.  The halls were filled with proud families and happy students as they all celebrated a great four years at GMS!