Game Day at Rodgers Library

January 17, 2014

by AJ Dickinson

Glenn Givens and Dan Brian, cofounders of the Manchester based board game company Games by Play Date, could both be found promoting their new board game and encouraging the community to get together and have some fun this past Saturday at the Rodgers Library.  This New Hampshire based game design company may be on the leading edge when it comes to the actual development of the “new age” board game.  This company makes both digital and physical board games appealing to a wider range of gamers.  As a way for the company to get feedback, the public is encouraged to communicate their ideas, concerns and criticisms through their website, Twitter and Facebook.  On their website, the public has access to the design documents for the games as well as podcasts of their team meetings as a way to show their process and inspire entrepreneurs, “You don’t have to be super smart or super wealthy to start and create something on your own,” said cofounder Glenn Givens.

The young company’s ambition and belief that together, with the gaming community, they can create something more amazing than any big toy company is inspiring and is what gaming is all about!  “We feel that dialogue, quick revisions and aggressive play testing will develop far better games than any length of armchair designing can accomplish.”  (  In the next few months, Games by Play Date will be introducing one or two new board games to the market.

On January 11, with no television in sight, families and friends could be seen enjoying a few laughs in good company as they played new and old board games between the hours of 12 and 4 p.m.