Flocks of People and Geese Congregate at Robinson Pond

April 6, 2018


by Len Lathrop

While the sun could not be seen as parishioners gathered at Robinson Pond, you knew it was there – the sky kept getting brighter, you knew that the sun had risen – just as you knew that Jesus had risen on this morning, as Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb, and as the stone was rolled away. As the dawn heralded the day’s beginning with sounds and light, the members of the First Baptist Church of Hudson celebrated the wondrous transition from Death to Life through our Creator’s power.

As Rev. Moa Imchen prepared for service, on the pond behind him a gaggle of geese were engaged in a struggle as two unknown geese flew into the pond near the flock. There was a lot of noise and feathers in the air and water, as the geese fought for leadership and control. But when Reverend Imchen greeted his flock on the sandy shore, the leader of the geese guided his own flock into the small cove next to the parking area where they stayed and listened to the service. The flock was quiet throughout the service.

With Scripture from Mark 16:1-8 and John 20:1-9 the Easter story was proclaimed and before a final hymn, the Rev. Imchen asked when we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord is it our duty? Why do we come, isn’t it out of the love for our Lord Jesus, to hear again the good news that “Jesus is alive, Christ is risen and Christ will go before us.”

But as the human parishioners returned to their cars, the gaggle headed to the open water of the lake and were sounding their voices, as they also knew of the greatness of the morning.