First Baptist Church Recognizes ‘New Beginnings’ with Easter Sunrise Service

April 10, 2015

by Marc Ayotte

The Easter holiday for many is synonymous with colored eggs, baskets filled with candy and chocolate bunnies as well as photo ops with the Easter Bunny.  Religiously, for people with strong Christian beliefs, the cross that Jesus was crucified on and his resurrection are important Easter symbols.  On Sunday, April 5, with a beautiful sun-laden, pale blue sky backdrop at Robinson Pond, the First Baptist Church of Hudson continued its long tradition of holding a sunrise service.

This year, the call to worship was presented by Minister Moa Imchem, who is in his first year serving the church.  On the frigid Sunday morning at 7 o’clock, Pastor Imchem addressed those who came to the shore of the local pond to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.  “We are gathered here this morning at a very unusual time,” said Imchem eliciting laughter from the parishioners, “but just as the first disciples did,” he continued.

The new minister, who has been serving the Hudson Baptist Church since July of last year after moving from California where he served for 12 years, conveyed the message of ‘good news’ during this special time of year.  “Our faith is all about the gospel; the good news of Christ,” offered Imchem, who originally comes from Nagaland, a state in Northeast India.  Joining him on his move to Hudson were his wife, Akum Longchar, who is a Ph.D. student in Homiletics (the art of Pastoral Preaching), as well as their daughter, Ain, and son, Sanen, both students in the Hudson School District.

Referencing the theme of new beginnings, Imchem began the service with the first call, saying; “no matter how often the dawn heralds day’s beginning with sounds and light, we always welcome the sense of newness that morning gives.”  He continued by saying; “this is my first time out on the pond,” referencing the abbreviated service relative to the usual complete worship that occurs in church.  And in comparative fashion to the Sunday when Christ arose, he said, “It’s a humbling experience to see how the disciples may have felt that first morning.”