Firefighters Train for Real-Life Dangers

November 16, 2018


by David S. Morin

Hudson firefighters recently completed their regular training dealing with propane emergencies. With the Eastern Propane training facility located on West Road in Hudson, this provides the firefighters with the chance to stay current with the latest equipment and techniques when dealing with propane.

The drill yard has numerous stations set up to simulate many of the situations Eastern employees or firefighters may face out in the field. Props are used to cover any emergency from a home furnace problem, gas pipe leak, over turned propane tank truck to a propane-fed fire.

Eastern Propane instructors Wayne Forsyth and Lyndon Rickards reviewed the dangers of propane gas, safety equipment, heating equipment, air monitoring and gas leak control procedures.

Hudson’s newest firefighters who are completing their probationary training also attended the propane training getting a firsthand look at the dangers that they will face when they begin the assignments to one of the four shifts.

Each day ended with the firefighters containing and shutting down the gas supply of an actual propane fire. A normal propane tank that would be found at any home or business is set on fire with propane pumped through a system of piping in a safe and controlled manner allows the firefighters to experience the tactics needed to control such a fire.

On the day crews were training, a slight wind added to the real-life danger they may face as the wind caused the gas and flames to move around the tank prop challenging the firefighters and their operations.