Fire Department Training on Main Street

June 13, 2014

by Bob Gibbs

Units from the Salem Fire Department held training exercises at the buildings of 41 Main Street that are scheduled for demolition.  The buildings are owned by Joe Faro of Tuscan Kitchen who generously offered them to the town for training.  The fire and police departments will be doing training at this site until the owner’s contractors raze the buildings.

Members of ladder 1 under the command of Lieutenant Brian Murray trained on opening the roof of a building.  The fireman used the ladder truck, chain saws, and axes to make their way through the roof of the building.  In the case of a real fire, this would be done exhaust smoke and heat from the building.

Lt. Murray stated that this building is an example of an older building made with solid wood studs.  Newer buildings, built with manmade materials, can be more hazardous due the volatility of the products used.  Much of the material is made with glue-like material that can actually melt causing toxic fumes build to up inside of the building.  The man made materials also become less stable than solid wood building materials which often will be the cause of a roof or wall collapse during a fire.

Whenever buildings are erected or updated the fire department always attempts to take a tour of the building in order to get a sense of what the building is made of and of the basic layout of the building.  Lt. Murray stated that it would be a good idea to contact the fire department whenever putting up a new building.  The tour can help save lives and property in the case of a fire or other emergency situation.