Experience the Propane Training of Litchfield Firefighters

September 19, 2014


While most residents were home Wednesday night, September 10, the professional and call firefighters of the Litchfield Fire Department where out testing their skills and exposing themselves to some very extreme temperatures.  Eastern Propane and Oil on West Road provided their training facility for this training.  If propane burns at 4,337 degrees Fahrenheit, think of the heat that these firefighters are exposed to in this training exercise.As you watch the video, watch for the spray from the fire hose to change from a single stream to a fan pattern and see how the firefighter can push the flames away from the valve end of the tank with the shut off valve.  In an actual fire, unless the tank has erupted, shutting off the tank can prevent the fire from igniting surrounding structures.  When the tank has been compromised causing a leak but no flames at this times the firefighter goal is to cool the tank to prevent an explosion.