Everyone Loves a Parade, Especially the Old Home Day Parade

September 23, 2016


by Doug Robinson

Everyone loves a parade, especially when the parade is produced by the First Congregational Church during its annual Old Home Day event.

Boys, girls, moms, dads, grandparents and well-wishers lined the streets of Pelham hours in advance, in anticipation of the lights, sirens and blaring horns that accompany the traditional Pelham parade.

Standing, sitting, up to six deep, each attempted to get that “best seat” to view the parade.  While some kids climbed the large tree in the center of town, another adult sat atop a perch, 8 feet high in the air.  Folks stood on the sidewalk, sat on the curb and applauded each of the members of this year’s parade.

First came the Pelham Police motorcycle officer.  You could hear him coming from a mile away, or at least it seemed that way.  Every so many yards he would stop, invite a child to his motorcycle where the young lad could hit the button to make the siren come alive to the enjoyment of all.

Next came the Pelham fire engines, big, red and glorious.  They too had all their sirens at full throttle, and their red lights flashing.  What a sight that only one gets in a parade.

Marching, step in step, came the comrades of John H. Hargreaves Memorial VFW Post 10722.  Flags flying high, and the cool breeze of the summer day, projected the flags to wave in all their glory.

Children cheered as each civic and business organization marched past.  Cheerleaders, football players, dancers, bands, the Border Riders Snowmobile Club and Miss Hampton Beach all waved and responded to the boisterous crowds.

From military vehicles to hot rod performance cars, business floats to character costumers, everyone at the parade had only one thing to say, “Everyone loves a parade,” and everyone at the Pelham parade had a wonderful time.