Enjoying Chinese Acrobats and Some Language Lessons

October 30, 2015


by Len Lathrop

Your HLN is lucky to have an office about two minutes away from Presentation of Mary Academy.  On Monday we were invited to come down the street to see Chinese acrobats.

With more than 500 students at the academy, two performances were needed to get everyone into the second-floor auditorium.  During this show in attendance were kindergartner to fourth graders, who were excited to see the Bureau of Lectures and Concert Artists, Inc.  This special opportunity was supported by the PMA parents group.  The only way we can tell you about this performance is show you, our readers, some pictures of both the performers and the students and their enjoyment.  Almost forgot to tell you, there was an educational component to the performance.  The MC taught the students some Chinese words as the performers readied themselves for the many different feats that they showed the children.