Elm at 102 was Always Busy…Want to Visit CVS?

August 17, 2018


by Len Lathrop and Dave Morin

The newspaper’s phone has been busy with readers who have questions about traffic at the soon-to-be CVS store on the corner of Route 102 and Elm Avenue, but first a disclaimer from the Hudson Town Engineer, Elvis Dhima, “it’s a State of New Hampshire road and the state approved the highway (intersection) design.”

Let’s see if we can take a visual trip to the new store. Maybe if you close your eyes, oh so sorry, that won’t allow you to read, so just picture the intersection and the surroundings. First, a couple of definitions: 102 north is driving toward Alvirne, 102 south is toward Mickey D’s and when on Elm toward Sparkling River housing is west, and if you’re on Elm Ave. east you’re stopping for the light at the intersection.

Ready? Need a prescription from CVS and you are by Mickey D’s you would be heading 102 north, you would need to turn left on Elm Ave. then a right into the CVS parking lot; no left turn from 102 northbound. Need to check the map? Please wait. If you’re coming from the Sparkling River community east on Elm, simply turn left into the parking lot – yes you have to wait for westbound cars. The easiest way in to the store is coming from the north on 102 where you can bear right into the lot, an easy entrance, and those are the three ways to enter.

Now you’ve done your shopping and want to go get some food at McDonald’s you can come out of the parking lot onto 102 but if you want to go to the Rodgers Library you will need to exit the lot onto Elm Ave., take a left then at the lights at 102 take another left when the light changes. That should cover in and out of the store. If you’re headed toward Litchfield you have it made by just turning right out of the parking lot.

The “do not block” squares painted on Route 102, Derry Road, are to allow the residents of Megan Drive and Phillips Street the ability to get out of their road and head south on 102 once they get across the northbound motorists. It is reported that this traffic pattern is used in both Manchester and Concord; if they work there they should be perfect in Hudson. Just think, all of this was accomplished without any new traffic lights. Was it mentioned that right turns on red onto Route 102 at the lights at Elm Avenue are now no longer allowed from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.? The hope is that stacking in front of Hannaford and the other stores as you’re headed into the Library Park intersections will be less for the cars coming south on 102.

On to other fun facts: there are two other pad sites on that land parcel, both north of the CVS store toward the power lines! Hudson schools don’t open until the 28th of the month but by then motorists will have practiced with the new traffic and, based on the everyday morning traffic on Derry Road heading south last year, you could be waiting in line before the store opens in the morning. There are only 60 parking spaces in the CVS lot to handle the parking; hope shoppers never have to park on the side of Derry Street or Elm Avenue.

A final little note: don’t blame the folks who are going to be helping you at the CVS and, it seems – don’t complain to Town Engineer Dhima – at least about the state roads and their traffic impact.