Earth Day Party Makes Everything Old New Again

April 24, 2015


by Tom Tollefson

The fields behind Nottingham West Elementary School were more crowded than usual last weekend.  On Saturday, April 19, the Hudson Scouts and the Hudson Sustainability Committee put on the first Earth Day party at Nottingham West Field.  The theme for the children’s event was recycling.  The day was complete with activities, crafts, games, ice cream, a bounce house, seeds given away for flowers and plants, and electronic recycling provided by USA Recycling in partnership with the Hudson Scouts.  According to Arrowhead District Vice Chairman for Membership and Activities Ben Dibble, the primary purpose behind the event was to educate local children about the importance of recycling.

“I believe strongly in recycling and teaching our children that our resources are limited.  This is not our planet, it’s theirs,” Dibble said.

All the games and activities incorporated creative uses for recyclable items such as a mini basketball hoop where children shot plastic and cardboard recyclable items instead of basketballs.  Many of the children said it was fun, but more challenging than shooting with a basketball.

“There is something better to do with recyclable items than dumping them in a landfill,” said Pack 252 Leader Bob Brock.

Another favorite activity among parents and children was the bottle rocket launch.  Children used a combination of used soda bottles, cardboard, and duct tape to construct their own custom-designed rockets.  Scout leaders would then use water and an air pressure pump to launch them into the sky as onlookers watched on in delight.

The rockets weren’t the only items that were airborne.  The egg slingshot activity gave the children another chance to practice their engineering skills.  Children used empty egg cartons, duct tape, and bubble wrap to construct a protective casing around an egg, which was then launched by way of a slingshot.  The challenge was to see if their casing would protect the egg tucked inside.  The eggs were donated by Hannaford supermarket.

“It’s the basic idea of an egg drop except with a slingshot.  Slings make everything more fun,” said Kristine Holzhauser from Troop 20.

Members from the school community at Alvirne High School were also at the event with activities of their own.  Students from Alvirne ROTC, school band, and Treble Choir did face painting and taught children how to make dog-pull toys out of old T-shirt scraps.  They also gave away pens, coasters, and magnetic clips, which were all made out of recycled materials.

The Hudson Girl Scouts also showed how to make something special out of old materials commonly thrown away.  They showed children how to make butterflies, egg carton creatures, and paper mosaic globes out of pipe cleaners, coffee maker filters, clothespins, and magazine scraps.

“We have all this stuff at home, so why not use it instead of throw it away?” said Jeanette Martin, leader of Troop 1646.