Donkeys Play Basketball in Pelham

November 28, 2014

by AJ Dickinson

It was a little smelly but also a very entertaining fundraiser.

On Friday, Nov. 21, the Pelham High School Booster Club presented the first annual Donkey Basketball Tournament from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the gym.  The booster club’s fundraising coordinator stumbled upon unconventional fundraisers provided by Green Mountain DonkeyBall (  The boosters decided this innovative approach combining basketball with donkeys would be an effective and amusing way to raise money for senior scholarships.

Hundreds gathered to watch the four teams, made up of Pelham police officers, firefighters, school staff, PHS seniors and the SAU, battle it out for the championship.  Spectators watched in amazement as these real-life donkeys took the court accompanied by their human teammates to battle it out in a somewhat smelly display of athletics.  The rules were simple; participants had to be on the donkey to move with the basketball and to score, although getting up on these stubborn creatures proved to be quite the difficult task.

Christine Brown, vice president of the PHS Booster Club, reflected on the evening:  “It’s wonderful to bring a fun, family-friendly, Friday night activity that everyone ages 3 to 300 can enjoy!”