Cows at AHS Farm are Very Happy

August 14, 2015

by Doug Robinson

The cows at the AHS Farm could not be happier.  They are prancing and dancing, rolling in the mud, and eating grass while they party hearty to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” and Lionel Richie’s song “Dancing on the Ceiling.”

They are celebrating the Hudson School Board’s decision to waive the site plan review of the proposed concrete slab to house their feed wagon and the new shed that will provide them shade during the hot summer months.

“Currently, Farm Manager Emery Nadeau feeds the cows outside using a feed wagon,” said TE Director Karen Worthen.  “The barnyard is dirt and when it rains it gets very muddy and is difficult to clean.  Also, the cows spend a considerable amount of time outside in the cow pasture adjacent to the cow barn.  During the summer months there is no shade for the animals.  The farm committee has recommended a concrete slab be installed adjacent to the cow barn to allow for proper clean up after feeding.”

Thanks to the Alvirne Trustees and the kindness of Continental Paving, donations have been received to pay for most of the work to be done.  The Hudson Highway Department will facilitate the grading of the land in preparation for the site work to be completed.