Cougar Paws Go to Three Campbell Graduates

August 31, 2018



Staff photo by Len Lathrop James Hayes, Jennifer McKenna, Kimberly McKenna, and Kelly Frasier


by Len Lathrop

A trio of Campbell High School graduates, James Hayes (2011), Jennifer McKenna (2013), and Kimberly McKenna (2016), work at Fairview Nursing Home in Hudson, where all three have demonstrated the Campbell core values.

Cougar Paws are awarded to students for excellence, either for a single act or sustained performance. Kelly Frasier, a staff member at CHS, awarded the honors to these alumni for the way they work with the patients of the facility that he had observed when visiting there. Frasier mentioned that he believes these are the first Cougar Paws awarded to graduates. Frasier continued, “All three are doing great work at Fairview, and we are going to recognize their contribution to our community as well as promote a sense of legacy for Campbell High School. “

James Hayes is an activity assistant who works directly with the patients and has recently become a member of the feed team, helping patients who need support to eat.

Jennifer McKenna, an LPN, provides direct patient care and, according to Nursing Director Ann Marie Ploude, commented that “everyone loves Jenny and wants her as their nurse.”

Kimberly McKenna, an LNA who is as equally loved as her older sister, works inpatient care and goes to school after work. It seems she is known for her acrobatic skills as patients watching the trio receive their Cougar Paws talked Kim into doing a cartwheel and round-off in the courtyard for their entertainment.

Campbell High School’s core values state that the mission is to join together with parents, students, staff and community to become a collaboration of learners exhibiting character, courage, respect and responsibility in all aspects of life.