Congresswoman Anne Kuster at GSSI

Staff Photo by Doug Robinson

GSSI Company President, Chris Hawekotte, along with NH U.S. Congresswoman, Annie McLane Kusler, and GSSI Executive Staff, Don Walcyzk, Ron Page, John Rudy and Jack O’Leary of GSSI


by Doug Robinson

Congresswoman Annie McLane Kuster continued her “Congress at Your Company” series with a visit to Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) Salem.  During her visit, she highlighted the importance of high-tech manufacturing and STEM education to job creation and economic growth in New Hampshire.

According to Kuster, “Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment that is distributed worldwide.  Their cutting-edge products are used in a variety of important markets, including archaeology, geology and environmental, utility detection, concrete inspection and bridge and road condition assessment.”

Kuster’s “Congress at Your Company” series is part of her ongoing commitment to meeting with business leaders and employees throughout the district to discuss ways the federal government can better support job creation and economic growth in the Granite State.

Geophysical Survey Systems (GSSI) has been instrumental with:

  • o Survey of the west terrace of the White House for foundation durability, since all records were destroyed when the British burned the building in 1812.
  • o NASA has used GSSI equipment to ensure that fissures do not exist under the shuttle landing pad, since they create extremely unsafe landing conditions.
  • o GSSI equipment was used to help unearth the preserved Jarkov Mammoth in Siberia.
  • o Patagonia Dino, one of the largest dinosaurs ever found, was located with the help of GSSI’s equipment.
  • o 2004 – A time capsule was found with StructureScan in Brooklyn Public Library, which was placed there by Andrew Carnegie in 1903.  And speaking of time capsules.
  • o 2005 – the capsule of King Kamehameha was also found in a Honolulu landmark dating to 1872.

Recently, the expertise from the professionals at GSSI determined the extent of damage done to the Washington Monument, in Washington, DC due to an earthquake.

In addition, Salem based GSSI equipment is currently being used around the world for the purpose of search and rescue, life location, as well as the location of rebar, metal as well as plastic conduits.


Kuster at GSSI