CHS Graduate Thanks Former Teacher for Inspiration

September 27, 2013


by Kristen Hoffman

Nathan Moreau is happy that he finally has an office, a comfortable place where he can meet with clients and share his craft.  It is here where nervous, newly engaged couples can sit down and look through portfolios.

Hard work and perseverance allowed him to open his own company, Nathan Moreau photography, but he has someone else to thank:  His high school mentor and former teacher, Denise Freeman.  Moreau, a 2004 graduate of Campbell High School and a 2008 graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art has always had artistic talent, and Freeman saw that when he was a freshman.  But Moreau didn’t need to be brought out his shell, no, he knew of his talent from a young age.  Freeman described 14 year old Moreau as a “little red headed kid,” eager to take art classes.  According to Freeman, Moreau sat down with her within his first few days of high school, and presented his already impressive portfolio, “He wanted to prove to me that he was an artist,” Freeman said.  Moreau didn’t have to try hard to prove his talent; by the time he left middle school he already had an impressive portfolio.  He was the first student to design a Litchfield Middle School yearbook cover.

“I really found my passion in Mrs. Freeman’s class,” Moreau said.  Now, he is able to live his dream, working as a professional photographer.  Moreau mainly focuses on wedding photography, and is one of the preferred photographers of the Bedford Village Inn.

Moreau’s passion for photography started in Freeman’s classroom.  Always interested in art, the median of photography truly started to interest him once he entered high school.  Freeman, an accomplished photographer herself was more than happy to help Moreau sharpen his budding craft.

Freeman described Moreau as Campbell’s first truly serious art student,  “He came up to me and said he wanted to take art classes,” Freeman said, but as Campbell was a very small school, Moreau started to run out of possible classes, so the two created independent studies, “it was all about creating art,” she said.

Their work together transcended the classroom, neither of Moreau’s parents were familiar with the college application process, let alone art school,  “they always encouraged me,” Moreau said, but he was determined never to become a “starving artist,” so the process started quickly.  He and Freeman went on mini field trips, one of the most memorable being a trip to the New Balance design headquarters in Massachusetts.  It was there that he got a taste of Industrial Design, which would become another interest of his.  Armed with his interest in Industrial Design and photography, he made up his mind that he would go to Mass Art.  Mass Art is one of the few schools in the country that offer Industrial Design. Freeman recalled his decision to go to Mass Art, saying that the school had the best programs available for what he wanted to do.  Unfortunately, the school did not offer a business program, and historically artists tend to falter when marketing their work.  Luckily for Moreau, he was able to pick up the basics (and the non basics) of running a successful business on his own.

Years later, the bond created in the high school classroom is still apparent.  Moreau credits a lot of his fundamental training to Freeman, but Freeman was quick to compliment Moreau on his savvy business technique.  Moreau is just as talented in the business world as he is in the art world.  Over the past few years he has been able to expand his business.  The photography world is tough.  With the further advancement in photo technology and the availability of high end products, competition can be brutal, and not all photographers are artists.  Moreau runs into this first hand on some occasions, and believes that not only his craft but his professionalism can set him apart.

But there is more to just showing up with a camera and working with clients.  To Moreau, being chosen as a couple’s photographer is a real honor. “I feel honored to be there,” Moreau said about being allowed to go to so many couples’ special days.  He said he has developed lasting bonds with some of the couples he photographs.  He said he works with couples for an average of a year, first getting engagement shots, and then the big day.  He makes it a point to be in constant communication with his clients.  Though his business is still young, he envisions working with the families as they grow and have children of their own.

He offers packaged plans, and even works with couples who plan destination weddings.  Moreau stated that many couples opt for destination weddings these days, but they may not always know what they’re getting into when it comes to photographers.  Photographers in Aruba or Florida will not be able to sit with a New Hampshire couple and explain the options as thoroughly or as often as a local photographer can.  He also isn’t one to shy away from technology; many of his meetings with customers take place over skype or through e-mail.

Moreau also has a strong familiar connection.  He employs his younger brother, Ben regularly.  Ben, a 2007 graduate of Campbell High School received a degree in exercise science from Keene State College in 2011, but photography is a passion as his too.  Ben usually works as a secondary photographer in the field