CHS Diverse Senior Projects Inspire

June 7, 2019


by Doug Robinson

The senior projects at Campbell High School have been a longstanding, 15-year graduation requirement.  These projects are a “student-selected exploration of a topic that results in a formal project and presentation,” according to Lynn Gnaegy, co-adviser of senior projects.

The 2019 graduation class prepared and produced more than 100 senior projects, and they were on full display at CHS recently.  Students met and discussed their personal projects with the Litchfield community.

The student project list was as broad as it was diverse:  serving as a congressional intern; building a guitar with parts; organizing a Litchfield Walk to End Alzheimer’s; working as teaching assistants; rebuilding a Chevy Malibu; undergoing hospice training; as well as building a go cart, robot, and even a camper.

“I was able to do something that helped the homeless,” explained Sarah Estabrook.  “I researched and learned that the homeless needed socks.  They needed socks because their feet got cold.  So, I started campaign to collect socks and then donate them to Harbor Homes in Nashua.  I’ll never forget their thankful faces of appreciation.  This has been a great experience.”

The students were required to plan, track a minimum of 40 hours of learning experiences, as well as produce written, oral, and visual materials “that demonstrated the depth of their learning experience.”

Each student was also required to obtain the assistance from a mentor.  The person is “an adult who has proven expertise in the field related to the student’s project and is readily available to guild the student throughout the process.”  While the mentor could be a “neighbor, friend, teacher, adviser, or community member,” each mentor was required to review documents throughout the project that stated their approval:  project review log, rubric, and the reflection essay.

CHS also provided a faculty member who was the “go-to between the student and the CHS faculty who was in charge of approving, organizing, and facilitating all steps of the senior projects.”

Seniors eagerly waited for the public to stop and speak with them about their project. Students and their projects were set up from the parking lot, then filling the hallways and gym, and finally onto the rear lawn of Campbell High.  Laptops were running PowerPoint demonstrations while other students offered hands-on demonstrations.  Other students explained their visual presentations while other students let their projects speak for themselves.

“I got to job shadow at the fire house,” said Will Nicholas.  “I was lucky enough that I got to go on all the emergency calls with the firefighters for medical, house fire and even a motor vehicle accident.”  Will intends to follow a fire fighting career on his way to becoming an EMT.

Senior projects: Jeff Allen, Camper Renovation; Meg Arnold, LNA Course; Alyson Bauer, Children with Hair Loss Challenge; Cam Bortle, Teaching Assistant for Computer Classroom; Ian Brennan, Choral Performance; Adam Breton, Coach Hudson Bears; Chelsea Burke, Mural in Special Projects Room; Ethan Burns, Sports Mgmt Shadow; Madison Buskey, Clinicals Nursing Home; Marissa Carignan, Special Olympics; Olivia Carlson, Back Garden Beautification; Jacob Carrasco-Lopez, Welcome to CHS Video; Leo Carten, Lifting Coach; Sofia Chiboub, Lab Assistant; Devin Clarke, Peer Mentoring Program; Emily Coughlin, St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program; Jonah Crema, Assistant Coach Travel Basketball; Meagan Dean, Rebuilding Billerica Memorial High School process; Logan DeCarolis, Lifting/Building Press Box; Haley DeMarco, Peer Mentoring Program; Haley DeMarco, Teaching Assistant for English Classes; Jarrod DiGiovanni, Auto Refurb; Connor Donahue, Building 4-Wheeler; David Donnelly, Fishing Climates; Jake Donovan, CTE Fundraiser; Brendan Douglas, Teaching Assistant for Foods/Nutrition I Class; Dylan Dubois, Auto Restoration; Allyson Dyac, Children with Hair Loss Challenge; Sarah Estabrook, Sarah’s Sock Drive; Kamryn Ford, Brandeis University Pre Summit; Meagan Fortier, Humane Society Fund Raiser; Killian Franklin, Litchfield Food Bank; Keagan Fruzen, Spooky World; Justin Furlong, Travel Basketball Coordinator; Zach Gannon, Welcome to CHS Video; Liv Garand, Breast Cancer Corn H; Ben Gavin, Fish Tank Refurb; Meg Gibbons, CAL Student/Faculty B; Rachel Goldstein, LMS Teach Instruments; Luke Gomes, Teaching Assistant for Computer Classes; Jess Grant, Suicide Awareness 5K; Matthew Graveline, T/A Honors Algebra 2; Abigail Gray, Believer Award; Madison Greenhalgh, Teaching Assistant for Business Classes; Jessica Grondine, Back Garden Beautification; Jake Hartwell, Go-Kart Building; Spencer Healey, Summer Adventure Program; Nico Heller, Learning to Read Music; Katrina Hubbard, Designing Yearbook; Taylor Jordan, Managing Spirit Team; Alex Jozitis, 3-D Modeling Course; Sara Keane, WATS Club CHS; Noah Kepple, (none listed); Jake Kidwell, Teaching Assistant for Woodworking Classes; Zach Kirby, Front Memorial Gardens Revamp; Katrina Kopaczynski, Teaching Assistant for Elementary Class; Robert Ladd, Shadowing Physical Therapist; Sean Lessard, Teaching Assistant for Computer Classes; Matthew Livingston, Video Production; Jacob Lopex-Carrasco, Welcome to CHS Video; Lily Mango, Amb. E. Child Alvirne High; Stephanie Marsden, Horse Body Language; Chad Martel, Building House; Makenna Mathieu, Fashion Show; Julie McCrady, Lacrosse Team Assistant; Nicole Mendonca, Humane Society Fundraiser; Jack Morgan, Hockey Summer Camp; Owen Morris, Building 4 Wheeler; Caitlin Morrissey, Teaching Assistant for Biology Class; Jack Munnelly, Go-Kart Building; Matthew Neves, Mentoring Robotics Team; William Nicholas, Firehouse Shadow; Alicia Noury, Color Run for Children’s Hospital Boston; Trevor O’Mara, Youth Wrestling Club; Tyler O’Mara, Diet Plans Research; Jaylen Owen, Teaching Assistant for Phys Ed; Chris Palladino, Teaching Assistant for Spanish Classes; Emily Passaro, Assistant Stage Manager; Sophia Peguri, Puerto Rico Fundraiser; Emma Perrin, Memory Gardens CHS; Hannah Perry, Teaching Assistant for Biology Classes; Kayla Portillo, Love in Motion PR; William Randolph, Assistant Summer Band C; William Randolph, Teaching Assistant for Elementary Classes; Jade Rath, Peer Mentor Program; Lexi Reis, Suicide Awareness 5K; Matt Rollend, Building Pool House; Maddie Rossi, Fashion Show; Zachary Rousseau, Teaching Assistant for Biology Classes; Jason Rubino, Library Assistant; Giselle Ruperto, Intern Manchester Church; Richard Russell, Travel Basketball; Sydney Ryan, Peer Mentor Program; Sydney Sanchez, Lab Assistant; Logan Santos, Batting Cage Building; Hailey Sauve, Teaching Assistant for English Classes; Lisa Scarfo, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center; Spencer Schmidt, Teaching Assistant for Computer Classes; Robert Dallas Schoff, Shadowing Personal Trainer; Aliyah Smart, Paracord Bracelets Military Family Support; Kylee Smart, Summer Art Camp; Eli Smith, Front Memorial Gardens Revamp; Carly Sutton, Nursing Home Aide; Leah Sylvain, Peer Mentor Program; Grace Theberge, Teaching Assistant for Biology Classes; Jocelyn Theriault, Coaching Youth Lacrosse; Autumn Thompson, Shadow Physician Assistant; Mattieux Tremblay, Coach Hockey Team; Noah Vaughan, Teaching Assistant for Jazz Band; Garrett Walker, Teaching Assistant for Wood Working Classes; Matt Wark, Youth Basketball Coach; Samantha Webber, Color Run for Children’s Hospital Boston; Tyler Whalen, Summer Adventure Program; Colby Wilson, Teaching Assistant for Computer Classes.