Can You See 8,000 Eggs?

May 2, 2014

by Len Lathrop

Have you been to Benson Park?  Now do you know the green area side of the pond just down the hill from the playground?  Next, think of 4,000 plastic eggs filled with candy spread across that grassy area and small children on the pathway totally surrounding the green.  The clock reaches 6 p.m. and Dave Yates, Hudson Rec Director, sounds the magic words “go.”  Now fast forward to 6:02 p.m., the eggs have all been collected and are now in many Easter baskets and pails and many moms and dads with their little children in tow head back to their cars.  But stop … another 4,000 eggs just arrived and volunteers spread them around racing against the clock.  The next group of older children is already there on the pathway and the 6:30 p.m. go signal is fast approaching.  The time has arrived and this group of older children clears the field in a mere 90 seconds.

There is one more thing to visualize about this great event, that being one giant white bunny, we think had come down from the Elephant Barn just before the 6 p.m. start and had been hugged and high fived, well maybe a semi-high five as this cuddly guy was well over 6 feet tall.  Leo Bernard, Yates’ helper, mentioned that the giant Easter Bunny had been there every year that the Hudson Recreation Department has held this pre-Easter event.

Now just one more picture to keep in mind.  Think of Chrissy Peterson, Recreation Department administrative support person, who, along with her husband and three children spent many nights in a row, filling the eggs.  While their children must have been seeing plastic eggs in their sleep, they seemed to be as excited as everyone else to run thought the grass and pick up eggs.

Check out the real images and if you really want to see if it is true, watch for next year’s event and head over to the park, put please don’t touch the eggs … they are for the children.