Campbell’s Philip K. Martin Auditorium Turns a Lovable Shade of Green

May 17, 2019


by Doug Robinson

Three sold-out performances energized and entertained the audiences who attended Campbell High School’s presentation of “Shrek the Musical.”

Close to a quarter of the entire school population participated in one capacity or another to bring this musical to life.  From the combined efforts of the Friends of Campbell High Theater, to the technicians who operated the lights, microphones, and sound levels, to the musicians playing in the pit, and to those in charge of the props, the thespians danced, sang, and thoroughly entertained all.

Shrek is the story of a large green ogre, whose solitude in the swamp has been interrupted by an invasion of fairy tale characters.  These lovable creatures, to all but Shrek, had been banished from their kingdom by the very evil Lord Farquaad.

Shrek, determined to face the king to resolve his dilemma and get his solitude back, becomes lost as he travels to the castle.  Fortunately for Shrek, he meets up with a very loud and obnoxious donkey who will lead the way.

The king works out a deal with Shrek that he will remove the characters from the swamp.  Those deals involved the rescue of the princess, Fiona, and bring her back to the king so that he may marry her.

As in most fairy tales, the plot takes many twists and turns as Shrek falls in love with the beautiful princess and faces much danger along his travels.

The cast and crew of “Shrek the Musical,” took every audience member on a fun-filled ride of laughs, adventure, and entertainment during Mother’s Day weekend.