Campbell’s Mixed-up Theater Melodrama even Started at High Noon on Saturday

December 14, 2018


by Len Lathrop

When you drop into one of the Campbell High School theater productions, you will always be entertained and delighted. Past shows have wowed even the one staged as dinner theater, in a set built in the cafeteria, continually showcasing the skills of these Litchfield stars. “The Scheme of the Driftless Shifter” was different but a laugh a minute once you understood that all the happenings were a part of the production. The Campbell auditorium lends itself to the intimate setting needed to have an enjoyable time.

The show is all about the efforts of one bumbling cast under the direction of a character director played by Victoria Fluet and crew to produce a serious melodrama, and, from the premature opening of the curtain to the completely confused curtain call, everything that could go wrong does.

The pianist (Elliot Gavrin) plays the wrong music, the curtain opens too soon, and there’s an argument in the audience between the “lady in the hat” (Aeris Paul) and a man in a seat behind her (Noah Vaughan). The situation is mediated by Will Nicholas as the scrubman/usher during the show, including incorrect sound cues, wigs coming off, wrong speeches given, and improper exits taken. Gladys the maid, played by Avery Simonds, continually tries to serve “tea for two” as the piano player starts into the same song.

Yet, through it all, the players valiantly try to surmount the monumental confusion and create an atmosphere of madcap zeal that keeps the audience entertained for the 45-minute performance.

Here’s a list of the zany cast and crew:

Gladys – Avery Simonds, Henry Pompington – Alex Jozitis, Marigold Pompington – Stephanie Pearl, Petunia Pompington – Kelsey Adams, Rover – Kylee Smart, Rex Holmes – Zach Anson, Victor Strongheart – Connor Franck, Piano Player – Elliot Gavrin, Director of the Play – Victoria Fluet, Scrubman/Usher – Will Nicholas, Stage Manager – Sam Walsh, Prompter of the Play – Kaitlyn Follis, Lady in Hat – Aeris Paul, Man Behind Lady in Hat – Noah Vaughan.

With assistance from the stage crew:

Regan Theberge, Emilie Daigle, Emily Passaro, Noah Vaughn, Cameron Norton and Matt Neves.

All the crazy happenings occurred under the watchful eyes of Director Kelsey Sullivan.