Campbell’s FIRST Robotics to Build a Very Versatile Robot for Competition

January 27, 2017


submitted by Carolyn Spaulding

FIRST Robotics is a “sport of the mind,” as students work together to build and compete with robots under the guidance of experienced mentors.  Just like a regular sports team, robotics has a “season,” which kicked off two weeks ago at Southern NH University.  At this kickoff, after hearing speeches from FIRST founder Dean Kamen and Senator Maggie Hassan, the game the team will compete in was revealed,

Now the team is in the midst of building a robot in six weeks that can overcome the engineering challenges proposed by the current competition.  For this year’s competition, this means building a robot that is able to accurately launch wiffle balls into a goal nine feet above the ground, move around large yellow gears and climb a rope while being controlled remotely.  This is no easy task to complete, and is challenging everyone involved.  Throughout the six weeks of building the robots, the engineering skills of the students are being constantly challenged, making FIRST Robotics the closest a high school student can get to real world engineering.

All of the team’s hard work will be put to the test on March 3 during a regional competition at Windham High School against 39 teams from New Hampshire as well as surrounding states.